BIO Multiinstrumentalist (guitar, bass, dobro, harmonica, banjo, mandolin, keyboards...), with a solo program consisting of originals and Pop, Rock, Country and Folk classics from the 50s through today.  An eclectic mix, often (if you must categorize) somewhere between Cat Stevens/Yusuf, David LaMotte and Paul Simon.  Majiken  wants to meet you there, where musik touches the body and soul, setting both in motion; where Message and Groove unite in a capricious coexistence.  Come join in! By the way, the name “Majiken” has two parents:  first, the combination of his last teenage nickname “Magic” with his real name “Ken”; second, a wink to Cat Stevens, who performed his last North American tour called “Majikat” in 1976 before changing his name to Yusuf Islam and leaving the stage for nearly 30 years (welcome back!). - Musician - Producer - Label Owner - Promoter Majiken Bio Activities House Concert Guestbook Links Contact & Press Kit Gig Dates                            tel.: +49 176-2759 2028                   email: